Funny Hop names for Craft Beer

I had the opportunity to hang out at Bottle Revolution, a Raleigh beer store, the other day.  While shopping, I thought it was time to start taking pics of some of great “HOP” named beers.  I know there are a lot more, but this is what I found!

About Charles

I love craft beer, with a focus on local beer scenes. NC has such an exciting culture of craft beer, I am really happy to be apart of it. I also just started to brew my own beer.
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4 Responses to Funny Hop names for Craft Beer

  1. Larry G. Jones says:

    Grreat article, thanks for sharing and yes, IPA’s have some real ingenious names!

  2. Charles says:

    Thanks Larry, I am such a sucker for great hop names. I am hoping that someone does “Hop Shot” soon!

  3. Chris says:

    I have an English pale ale/ESB that I like to brew and add lots of hops, and occasionally dry hop. I have named that beer the “Pond Hopper” because of the hoppiness and it’s English roots. There are definitely some great names out there!

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